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Sia per non snaturare il contenuto dell'intervista che per permetterne la fruizione anche a lettori non italiani abbiamo deciso di lasciare il testo in inglese. Chi volesse leggere la versione in italiano può cliccare qui. Today our Guestbook dresses international clothes. Ladies and Gentlemen, Estrogeni has the pleasure to host on its blog one of the best European directors, Wim Wenders. We seize on the opportunity to interview him, thanks to our long-time customer BIM Distribuzione. We had the chance during a planning meeting for the launch strategy of his last movie, Pina 3D. The German director didn't disappoint our expectation and now we're glad to share with you his precious contribution, that's exclusive for our blog. Most of the western philosophies deal with the contrast between art and technique; the movies have always been a field for testing. Art movies have always enhanced the art, while the enhancement of the technique has always lead to the art’s expenses. In PINA you combine art and 3D technique – how did you reach this result? In the “Seventh Art”, as cinema is often called, technology always pushed the limits of expression forward. First the cameras were rigid. There were only static shots. Every camera set-up looked like a stage scene. Then cameras learned to move, thanks to technology, and the cinema language became more fluent, less theatrical. Then sound was invented: a whole new technology. And movies learned to speak, which gave film directors a whole new option to tell stories. Then color was added, then wider formats, then stereo sound, and now, finally: A THIRD DIMENSION! Maybe the first movies that were made in 3D all gave us the wrong impression: we thought this was nothing but a new technology. But it is truly so much more! It is a giant step forward for filmmakers, indeed a whole new language. Not just a technology, but a new medium. And as such, you can of course create something serious with it, or valid, or beautiful, or true, or funny, or sad. PINA was maybe one of the first films to prove that 3D was not just a gimmick. And in a way, we were lucky, because dance and 3D had a fantastic affinity for each other. 3D brought out the best in dance, and vice versa, dance really brought out the best in 3D as well. The official web site is very nice. How much are you personally interested in the web communication? I like my website a lot, and I regularly dedicate some time to it and check the comments by our visitors. The internet is a magnificent tool of communication. I’m not all that crazy about facebook. I don’t see why we would need a net inside the net, a whole parallel structure or circuit. These so-called “social” networks aren’t all that social, in my book, but crudely commercial, and the loss of privacy that goes with them is quite scary to me. What do you think about the Italian contemporary movies? Italy is back on the map of important European film industries, after a time when it had sort of vanished into oblivion. Now there are many great directors working, from Benigni to Salvatores, from Tornatore to Garrone and Sorentino, from Moretti to such a great contemporary master like Bertolucci who is about to start filming again. And I just give you some names from the top of my head. I probably curse myself for not having mentioned a few more…

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